Solid Law Practice

Opened in 2005 Perez-Calhoun Law Firm provides its clients accurate, solid and reliable legal advice. With over 45 years of combined legal experience Perez-Calhoun Law Firm can meet and exceed your expectations. Our firm has experience in criminal, civil, family, probate and administrative law.

Creative Thinking

The law can be rigid. However, the practice of law must not be rigid. Perez-Calhoun Law provides clients with creative legal representation by combining many years of legal experience in difference areas of the law and applying it to your particular case. Perez-Calhoun Law strives to always provide excellent legal representation by striking a balance between the parameters of the law, creativity and the practical aspects of the legal choices you make in your case.

Caring for People

Perez-Calhoun Law Firm’s main goal is to serve the community. Perez-Calhoun Law Firm’s mission is to care for our clients, empower them with knowledge of the law and provide aggressive representation. We understand that it is not about our reputation or prestige, it is about making a difference one client at a time. If you are facing a divorce, a criminal case, about to lose your house and/or being sued, it can be confusing and overwhelming. Please give us the opportunity to help you through and succeed to what can seem a legal maze. Remember that the slogan “The Best Is Yet To Come” can be a reality in your life despite of your current legal circumstances. With our aggressive and caring representation you too can overcome the legal obstacles you are currently facing.